Sump Pump Installations:  Weather-Tite offers a large selection of commercial quality pumps for all types of applications including dewatering, effluent pumps, battery backup pumps, water backup pumps, and sewage ejector pumps.  Pumps are set in a polyethylene plastic container with a sealed cover ensuring a quiet, long lasting installation.

Interior Drainage Systems (French drains):  The Weather-Tite Waterproofing Drainage System is a deep channel sealed system that consists of drainage holes at the base of foundation (block foundation only), wall flashings to create a sealed system that minimizes humidity from below slab, filter fabric encapsulating entire trench to protect system from clogging, 4” perforated PVC pipe, ¾” pre-washed bluestone gravel, reinforcement wire, and 3” concrete to seal trench.

Channel Drains (Garage Drains):  Weather-Tite installs pre-cast channel drains in a variety of sizes, complete with removable cast iron grates, set in rebar and concrete base.  Ideal for garage door openings to prevent water infiltration.

Window Well Drains:  PVC drains that prevent infiltration of water through basement windows.

Exterior Drainage:  Weather-Tite installs exterior yard and roof drainage systems to remove water away from foundation of home.

Foundation Repairs:  Weather-Tite employs a variety of methods to repair foundation issues, epoxy injection (crack repairs), Volclay (sodium bentonite) panels, tuck pointing of stone and mortar foundations, foundation coatings and membranes.

Dehumidification Systems:  Low humidity is a key component to having a dry, healthy air quality in your basement.  Weather-Tite will supply and install the dehumidifier that best suits your needs.  We offer stand-alone units that simply plug in to an electrical outlet as well as ducted, self-pumping commercial units.

Basement Demolition/Remodeling:  Weather-Tite will do all demolition necessary to complete our drainage system, then repair/remodel back to original state.  We also offer basement remodeling services to those who wish to finish their basement after the installation of our drainage system.